The Rome Dialogues on Jobs and Migration

The Rome Dialogues on Jobs and Migration are a platform for open exchange on practical, evidence-based solutions which improve the job outcomes of cross-border labor mobility.

The exchange takes place during the Rome Dialogues events, which are hybrid (face-to-face and virtual) events that target key policy questions, challenge current practices, present new approaches, and include all stakeholders’ voices. The goal is to expand the reach of evidence-based solutions to foster an informed debate which is no longer dominated by one-sided arguments.

The Dialogues will further culminate in an Agenda for Change, which articulates the various perspectives of the migration debate and offers a menu of evidence-based policy options for jobs and cross-border mobility.


The Rome Dialogues promote more and better-informed solutions through a unique approach which combines a focus on evidence, a multi-stakeholder perspective, and a mediagenic format:

  • Evidence-based solutions - To better ground regional and global narratives on migration in rigorous, empirical evidence about the challenges and solutions for jobs and migration.
  • Mediagenic format - To encourage a dynamic exchange and successfully engage a broad audience
  • Multi-Stakeholder Perspective - To convey the voices from migrants, and different stakeholders in sending countries and receiving countries, and showcase the value of approaches that integrate all perspectives.
  • RESULT: Informed solutions - To supply practitioners and decisionmakers with evidence-based references that can support their work, thereby closing the loop between data producers, researchers, policymakers, and the broader public.

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Rome Dialogue III

Rome Dialogue III

The promise of Skills Partnerships for Effective Labor Mobility

Madrid, October 4th at 4:00pm - 6:30pm - Hybrid event