Rome Dialogue III October 2023

The promise of Skills Partnerships for Effective Labor Mobility

Madrid, October 4th: 4:00pm – 6:30pm


Enhanced collaboration between countries of origin and destination holds the potential to greatly improve migratory flows. Skills Partnerships are one of the areas pursued.

Matching migrant workers from origin countries to the occupations and skills in demand at destination can productively expand legal pathways for migration. It  can also reduce distressed movements which come at high costs for everyone. Migrants as well as origin and destination communities and countries all gain in principle. Yet, the gains are not automatic. Matching is not costless, brain drain remains a concern, and communities at destination may not be prepared.

Rome Dialogue III, co-hosted by Spain’s Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations in Madrid (October 4th, 2023), welcomes you in a conversation on solutions for better-managed international labor mobility. It will use the case of Spain’s latest reforms and invite stakeholders from different sectors to reflect on the role of skills partnerships in achieving this objective, also incorporating the lessons from the multiple guest worker programs that have been tried before.